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Fun Gnome get well card

Hello fellow crafters! Today I made this fun little Gnome get well card. How cute is he! The inspiration came to me just by looking at the Lawn Fawn die set. Now, at some stage you see me struggle with blending but… it all came together in the end! I heard Gina K. mention in one of her video’s: this isn’t horrible so its good enough. Well as a perfectionist this has become my mantra! I apply the same rule as I do with my acrylic painting: if your happy… Read More

Retiform hello sunshine card using just stamps

Hello fellow crafters! I am going to continue the experiment with the retiform technique. In my last blog I spoke about this and this time we are taking it a step further. Now to do a quick recap, what is retiform? Retiform card is composed of crossing lines and interstice. And by all means, this is not a new technique. If you search the Internet, you can find many examples. I got inspired to do this beautiful card and I’m happy to share the result with you.  At the end… Read More