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Fun Cricut party decoration for beginners

Hello my fellow crafters, Last week my partner and I were 100 years together. And we planned a party so… i got my Cricut out and made some decoration and T-shirts for the two of us. The next video will show some fun bunting! Now due to a new lockdown our party was cancelled, however i did want to show you how i made all of this! For this project i am working with HTV from PolyTape and Patterned HTV from Siser. These two are my favorite brands so far…. Read More

Fun Cricut beginner project

Hello my fellow crafters and welcome to Devid’s Craft room! Today marks the start of my Cricut channel. I am excited to share my knowledge, ideas and inspiration with you, starting TODAY. In this fun and easy project i make a sign for my craft room. With two colors of vinyl, some paper and a photo phrase. Thats it! Sometimes Design Space can be quite intimidating in the beginning but trust me, once you get to know the basics steps, it gets easier and easier. If you would like to… Read More